Family Travel – The whole Family to the Museum!

Family Travel – The whole Family to the Museum!

This year the Museum “Pokrovsky Cathedral” has prepared an exciting journey for participants aged 8-11 and their parents.

Why is the Intercession Cathedral a cathedral and not a church? Why did the old locks have many keys? How can you learn to read tiles and murals on the walls to find out the age of the cathedral parts? Participants will receive answers to these and other questions by taking part in the “Family Travel”.

“The Moscow State United Museum-Reserve invites boys and girls, as well as their parents, to take part in the inter-museum program“ Family travel: the whole family to the museum ”. This project is being held in our museum for the fourth time. This year, young guests will have an exciting journey with the guide “Why is the brownie sad?” on the Kolomenskoye Peasant’s Estate (Ethnographic Center, the nearest metro station “Kolomenskoye”). During the trip, you will visit a real Russian hut. Find out how it works. And you will also find answers to the following questions: what is a svetlitsa? Where is the basement? What did the Kolomna peasants do and what was their nickname?

To participate in the program, you need to buy a regular entrance ticket to the Ethnographic Center at the box office, then receive a free Traveler’s Passport, a game guide and parting words from the museum staff in the exhibition. You can start your journey from any museum participating in the thematic route “Everything flows, everything changes?”

We are waiting for you every Saturday and Sunday from September 26 to November 15, 2015 during the museum’s opening hours: September 26 from 11.00 to 19.00, and all subsequent weekends from 10.00 to 18.00

Come, you won’t be bored!

Information about all the activities of the parallel program, the schedule, as well as the conditions for participation are contained in a special information booklet, which each family will receive at the participating museums.

For two months, the Moscow United Museum-Reserve will turn into a territory for exciting family travels through the labyrinths of history. The travel game “The whole family to the museum” started on September 22 and will run until November 11. Every Saturday and Sunday, parents with children are invited to the museum. A game guide with assignments, pictures, funny stories and curious facts has been prepared for young guests. He will guide visitors through the expositions, help to find answers to questions.
Family Travel is a large-scale urban inter-museum program for the whole family. Over 20 city museums will take part in it. This year, the game guides are divided into three thematic routes: for kids 5-7 years old “An outlandish story in seven parts”, for children 8-11 years old route “Museum Oddities”, for teenagers from 12 to 14 years old route “On Freedom” … In the last of them the museum-reserve is presented.

On the male side of the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, a route of the same name is organized for children 12-14 years old. Participants will be asked to reflect on topical questions: what is freedom, what are the limits of personal freedom, what is the difference between physical freedom and spiritual freedom?

A fascinating journey through the Palace will give both young visitors and their parents the opportunity to get acquainted with the reconstructed interiors of the 17th century, historical events from the times of the first Romanov Tsars, as well as see unique exhibits from the funds of one of the oldest museums-reserves in Moscow.
You can become a member of the family trip by purchasing a regular entrance ticket to the museum. Each project participant receives a Passport with travel maps and a game guide. All young travelers, according to the established tradition, will receive small commemorative awards.

The project “Family travel: the whole family to the museum” was organized in 2008 with the participation of the Center for Museum Development and with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture. This year, family travel includes two programs: main and parallel. The parallel program involves not only museums, but also libraries that have prepared family programs, exhibitions, master classes.

A travel game for the whole family!

Themed museum routes for different ages, game guides, discoveries, finds and surprises, as well as a lot of impressions!

The program is intended for family visitors – parents with children who came to the museum not as part of an excursion group, but on their own. The recommended age for children is from 5 to 14-15 years old.

Twenty-four museums will reveal secrets of different times, people and professions to children, teenagers and their parents. Only one thing is required from travelers – active participation, so that not a single riddle remains unsolved. You just need to choose a route that suits your age and interest, and set off towards vivid impressions.

Route for children 5-7 YEARS OLD “SUCH, SIKE, EVERYTHING …” *

You, of course, know that family is the most important thing in our life (even if at first not everyone has it). But did you know that not only we have families, but also animals, plants and even music, musical instruments, glass products and much more? On the route, you will get acquainted with a variety of families, and also find out why the artist Zurab Tsereteli has such an unusual surname and what the family members of the writer and doctor Anton Pavlovich Chekhov liked to do at their leisure.

  1. Biological Museum. K.A. Timiryazeva
  2. Museum of Ceramics and “Kuskovo Estate of the 18th century”
  3. Museum-workshop of Zurab Tsereteli (Museum of Contemporary Art)
  4. Museum of Musical Culture. M.I. Glinka
  5. House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov (State Literary Museum)
  6. Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War

The route for children 8-11 years old “WHOM TO BE?”

All museum adventure seekers one day grow up and try on a variety of professions, trying to choose the one of their own. Did you know that there are more than 40 thousand professions in the world? Are they all important? Are there any professions that are unimportant, outdated, or those that do not need to be learned? Can you be a professional in several areas at once? During the trip, you will find out how an ornithologist differs from a theriologist, whether there were professions during the time of the tsars, and is it not strange to be a naive artist. You won’t be bored!

  1. Memorial Museum of A.N. Scriabin
  2. Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”
  3. Museum of Naive Art
  4. Museum complex “History of the T-34 tank”
  5. Museum of Contemporary History of Russia
  6. Zoological Museum of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov

Route for children 8-11 years old “LIFE AT HOME”

Have you ever wondered how different houses can be from each other? Some are so small that the inhabitants carry them directly on themselves – snails, for example. And some are so large that an unimaginable number of residents live in them. The largest house is our planet. It accommodates 7 billion residents! Our home is also the city in which we live – Moscow. And in it every museum is also a house. Home of interesting objects or great people, discoveries or ideas. A variety of houses and their inhabitants await you on this route.

  1. Museum-panorama “Battle of Borodino”
  2. Gallery of Ilya Glazunov
  3. Museum – Humanitarian Center “Overcoming” them. ON. Ostrovsky
  4. Museum-library “House of N.V. Gogol “
  5. Moscow Zoo
  6. Museum of V.L. Pushkin (State A.S. Pushkin Museum)

Route for children 12-14 years old “TIME IS YOURS!”

What is time? Nobody knows the exact answer, but at the same time almost everyone knows. Scientists from all over the world are fighting over the secrets of time to this day. It is not for nothing that many consider it to be the fourth dimension. How does personal time differ from astronomical time? What units of measurement of time exist in geology, in history and in everyday life? What is 8-10 years on the scale of the Universe, country and common man? Is it possible to stop time or turn it back? You will receive answers to these and many other temporary questions after completing the route to the end.

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