Free Entertainment Cities for Travel Activities

Free Entertainment Cities for Travel Activities

London, Singapore, New York and Tokyo have everything from the world’s most luxurious hotels and sky bars to sightseeing attractions that don’t cost a penny to enter. Collected the top 12 free entertainment in 12 expensive cities in the world – look for the cheapest flights and hotels and go change stereotypes for impressions!

Singapore Botanic Gardens have bloomed and smelled even before Singapore became an independent state – no wonder they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can walk through the magnificent tropical kingdom for free on any day. Many gardens are open from 5 am to midnight. On Saturdays, guides run free themed tours – there are even botanical sketching lessons for everyone. Also, the Botanical Gardens of Singapore often hosts interesting concerts, festivals and film screenings – take a look at the event program and don’t worry about the weather: even if it rains, you won’t freeze in Singapore.

Everyone knows that the Eiffel Tower and the Seine can be admired for free, but few have heard of La Petite Ceinture – another curious sight of Paris with free access. The Little Belt is an abandoned railway that once surrounded the capital of France. La Petite Ceinture is divided into four sections, the most impressive of which can be accessed from 99 Rue Olivier de Serres in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. A 1.3-kilometer walk along the ghost paths awaits you, where flowers make their way through the rails and sleepers, and the ruins of the station and walls are painted with colorful graffiti.

Every day at 8pm, Hong Kong features a fantastic free show for one and all. The best place to admire the “Symphony of Lights” is Victoria Harbor, which offers dizzying views of the skyscrapers, illuminated by floodlights. Music is an important part of the experience of the show, so for those who were far from the speakers, prudent Hong Kongers made a special app with a soundtrack.

In the capital of Norway, cuisine, entertainment, and prices are excellent. But there are plenty of ways to have a great time without wasting too much. For example, it is interesting to watch the changing of the guard, which takes place every day at 13:30 at the Royal Palace. The ceremony lasts 40 minutes and is accompanied in the summer by a procession with a military band and mounted police. Another free experience in Oslo is climbing the roof of the local Opera House: the views of the Oslo Fjord from there are truly royal.

Switzerland is objectively an expensive holiday destination, and you’ll probably leave more than you’re used to in local cafes and restaurants. But you can “feed your eyes” in Geneva without any money: the beauty in this city is in the air. One of the sources is the magnificent 140-meter Jet d’Eau fountain on Lake Geneva. Its jet speed is 200 km / h, like the Sapsan flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In the summer, the Same Cue is illuminated until late in the evening – an ideal place and time for a romantic walk. By the way, if you are not afraid to get wet, you can get closer to the Geneva Fountain: there is a special path for those who like splashes.

For the futuristic side of South Korea’s capital, hop on the subway on Line 6 and get off at World Cup Stadium Station. Onsite, the Oil Reservoir Culture Park awaits you – a cultural space set right inside the former oil reservoirs of the 70s. It is better to start exploring this unusual place in the Tank 6 zone: there are a help center and a cafe. In Tank 4, performances are staged illuminated by natural light from a hole in the ceiling, in Tank 1 there is now a glass exhibition pavilion, but in Tank 3, nature has won out over art and only spiders are now performing there. The Oil Tanks Park is open every day except Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm, admission is free.

In expensive and sleek Copenhagen, you can spend a week, see a lot of things and not spend a single crown on the sights. The Nyhavn Gingerbread Promenade, the famous Little Mermaid, the Superkilen hipster park are all free to see. Less obvious ways to save money on a cultural program in Copenhagen is to go to the Nikolaj Kunsthal Contemporary Art Center on Wednesday, when admission is free. This art gallery stands out for the fact that it is located in the building of an old church: under its vaulted ceilings, works of modern art seem to acquire an additional dimension.

Tel Aviv’s main free entertainment – 14 kilometers of the Mediterranean coast. If you feel like diving into history, stroll down to Jaffa’s old port and then merge with the locals at the bustling Shuk HaCarmel Market. By the way, the best souvenirs from Israel are not sold in shopping malls at all – you can find real treasures for next to nothing at the Jaffa flea market or at the craft fair on Nachalat Benyamin Street, which is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Whatever you come to Sydney, the local Opera House and Harbor Bridge are not to be missed. Hidden in the shadow of the Sydney Harbor Bridge is the curious historic Rocks district. There is a food market every Friday and a craft and arts fair on weekends. For food and souvenirs, stop by The Rock Discovery Museum, where you can trace the history of Australia from pre-European settlements to the present day. The museum is open every day except holidays, admission is free.

New York will always be at the height of fashion: once again you can make sure of this in the free galleries of the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in Manhattan. 250 years of fashion history shine through through the 50,000 impressive outfits, costumes and accessories displayed in this museum.

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