How to start Traveling on your own

How to start Traveling on your own

In the article we talk some advantages of independent travel, we outlined the main points, thanks to which, in our opinion, it is worth abandoning the services of travel agencies in favor of independent planning of your vacation (vacation).
If you are interested in this topic and, at the same time, you realize that you do not have enough experience and, therefore, confidence that you can independently plan your dream travels, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will try to reflect the key points of this, at first glance, complex process.

Where to start? – Determine the dates of the trip

First, you need to clearly define the dates for which you plan your trip. The overall budget for your trip will largely depend on this. It often happens that the cost of air tickets for neighboring dates ( 3 days) differs by several thousand per ticket.

The situation is the same with housing. Hotels or apartments (apartment) that you have looked after can be booked, and similar options are more expensive.

Before you start planning your trip, you need to be sure that it is for these dates that you can safely leave (take a vacation). Low-cost tickets from low-cost airlines are usually non-refundable, and hotels or apartments that offer free reservations and cancellations set the price per night higher than you would pay for your stay or make an advance payment.

Advice: if your trip is planned for the so-called hot season, then it is better to start preparing for it no later than three months in order to catch adequate prices. In any case, you need to keep in mind that your trip will cost more at this time. The rule “the sooner, the cheaper” always works.
What is “hot season”?
New Year’s Holidays. Second half of December – First half of January.
Don’t forget that Christmas is celebrated in most European countries on December 25th, so housing and ticket prices may start to rise after December 15th. At the same time, workers in the tourism industry are far from stupid people and know their customers very well, among whom there are many Russians, so they can safely keep high prices until mid-January.

The 14th of February. If you are planning to arrange a romantic trip to European countries for Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, then do not forget that this is, first of all, a Catholic holiday and, most likely, you are not the only one who has such a plan. They will hardly bully the prices for air tickets, but they may well raise the price for an overnight stay at the hotel.

This holiday does not apply to Asian countries.
The May holidays. Here it is worth paying attention to all domestic and foreign airlines operating in foreign destinations popular among Russians (Prague, Barcelona, etc.). Realizing full well that many Russians can take advantage of the long holidays, they may well raise prices for popular flights from April 30 to May 10.
Although, the prices for all services, oddly enough, are increasing everywhere, in all European countries. It is during the summer season that most people tend to take a long-awaited vacation. Numerous tourist flows are growing in all directions, creating a great demand and, thereby, increasing the cost of proposals.

Looking for and buying tickets

The final determination with dates should end with the successful purchase of tickets.
In 90% of cases, the sooner you do it, the cheaper they will cost you. Especially when it comes to the high season, which we talked about above.
You can and should view all possible options and buy tickets directly on the Internet. Do not be afraid and think that it is unreliable or unsafe.
Any, even the smallest, airline today necessarily has an official website where it sells tickets for its flights. But how do you know which airlines fly to a particular city? In the same Europe there are hundreds of them. For this, about 10-15 years ago, a very convenient thing was invented – metasearch engines, or air ticket search aggregators. Without going into details, we can say that such systems work in the same way as Yandex or Google, only the search occurs among the offers of airlines and agencies that sell tickets. You choose the city of departure and the city of arrival, the date, and the service gives you all the possible options, and not only direct flights, but also with all possible transfers.

There are a whole bunch of such metasearch engines for air tickets on the Internet today: scyscanner, momondo, aviasales, etc. Aviasales has gained the greatest popularity and reputation on the Russian market . We also recommend using it.

Why can air tickets be cheap at all?
These airlines sell their tickets at multiple fares. The lowest of these fares includes only the cost of the ticket, while all other services such as meals on board, seat selection, luggage, return options are all for a fee. You can only take hand luggage with you on board the aircraft for free.
In Russia, this practice is only just beginning to be introduced. Pobeda Airlines is the only domestic low-cost airline. With this airline, you can find inexpensive tickets to destinations such as Munich, Milan, Barcelona, Cyprus and a number of others.
So, the Czech SmartWings makes it possible to fly to Prague for 5-6 thousand rubles, the Hungarian WizzAir – to Budapest from 3000 rubles, the Spanish Vueling – to Barcelona from 7000 rubles.
As you can see, there are many good opportunities!

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