How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you want to preserve your health while traveling , then many of these rules will come in handy during your vacation, or while traveling to places of rest. Do not neglect these simple tips to preserve your health and the health of your family. In such a matter, it is better to “overdo it” than “overdo it”.

What to wear

Depending on the place of your vacation, the list of things that you need to take with you on the road can be very, very different. The most important condition is the comfort of the clothing. Never wear synthetic clothing for summer vacations. In case of high temperatures, you can get overheating, the danger of which will manifest itself only in the evening. Choose only cotton and linen for a summer walk. When shopping, pay attention to the percentage of cotton. Often, sale items are cheap and synthetic – not a very good choice. If you go to a park or forest, then keep in mind that there may be all possible insects – bugs, mosquitoes, spiders that just want to study your body. Protect the lower half from such encroachments. For a winter voyage, you should choose not tight warm clothes, preferably from natural fabrics.

After packing your suitcases with clothes, it’s time to start choosing shoes. The first rule for shoes is that they should be in size, no more, no less. Think over the route of your vacation and what trails you might encounter during the trip . You should not wear sandals for hiking in the mountains and vice versa, shoes for walking to the beach. Consider your actions if your shoes let you down. For the fair half, a package of adhesive plaster on the road can be a salvation. Men – think a hundred times before wearing cheap hot sneakers in the summer. In general – healthy legs, a healthy body!

To eat or not to eat, or about the rules of healthy eating!

Upon arrival on some distant islands, the owner of the body simply craves new sensations, the poor stomach is filled with overseas dishes in unlimited quantities. In this case, the main rule is everything in moderation. Most tourists are accustomed to bananas and tangerines, but other fruits- can be very dangerous. In addition to a possible allergy to an unfamiliar fetus, more serious problems can arise. Try new flavors carefully. Please note that Chinese cuisine and, for example, Italian cuisine are quite different, so be careful in unfamiliar restaurants. It is best to study the forums of the city where you are going to go to find out which places are worthy of your attention. In hot weather, avoid buying meat products by hand, especially in eastern countries. The likelihood of poisoning will be much lower if you only buy groceries in stores.

What drink?

Coffee lovers may not be offended, but the ideal travel drink is tea. In winter it warms, in summer it quenches thirst well. Try not to drink a lot of juices, this is a controversial product, juices often contain a lot of sugar, and with constant excessive use of them, you threaten to gain extra pounds. In the case of alcoholic beverages, everyone should know their measure. Your healthin your hands, or rather in a glass … If you are going to have a harsh banquet, then have a snack with a portion of buckwheat porridge – you will feel at your best (in a position not under the table). In hot countries, try not to consume high degrees – this puts additional stress on the heart. It is better to drink strong drinks during the winter rest after returning to the hotel, in the cold, alcohol gives a false feeling of warming, in fact, there is a great danger of frostbite of body parts. If possible, you just need to drink less, so you will have much more pleasant and good memories of your voyage.

Features of acclimatization

The word acclimatization always means only the change of time zones and the difficulties associated with falling asleep in a new place. But this problem includes all aspects at once – new food, different air, different humidity, wind, temperature, in general, everything that is unusual for us. To maintain health in these conditions, it is necessary to try to reduce the number of these negative factors. For example, try to eat the foods you are used to.

The most necessary with you

Imagine being stranded on a desert island … what will you miss the most? Apart from food, of course, these are hygiene products. A handkerchief and wet wipes are a must for any tourist. Place them comfortably in your bag so that you can quickly reach them when needed. If you go to the park in the morning, do not be lazy to take a bottle of water with you. If you feel uncomfortable when your mobile is down, take an extra battery on the road, this will save your nerve cells. At the same time, check your bag at least once a year to get rid of unnecessary items. Excess weight on the way is the most unnecessary thing.

First aid kit

In addition to the drugs that you need to drink on schedule, it is advisable to have some more essential ones with you in case of emergency. If you are on the train, then getting a toothache pill will be very problematic. Think before the trip, what hurts you most often? Without fanaticism, of course, but you must know your weak points!

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