How to Survive in the Cold on a Winter Track

How to Survive in the Cold on a Winter Track

Winter is a difficult time for a car, and what can we say about harsh winters in the Russian North, where temperatures of minus 40 are common. Here you need to prepare thoroughly for a long journey, otherwise you can pay not only with health, but also with life.

The Siberian edition ” Amurskaya Pravda ” shared advice on how to survive on the road in winter, being left alone with a broken car, and what to take with you when going on a long journey.

Tragic deaths on the road are recorded every year, when people are killed not in an accident, but from frost. The employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and experienced truck drivers give good advice about this.

There is a law on the frosty road: the salvation of the freezing one depends only on him. And everyone who is in a stalled or stuck car in the snow, the first thing to do is to call the emergency number 112. Otherwise, you can only rely on your relatives and friends who will start looking for the missing driver. In the cold, life will be saved by the ability to make a fire: life-giving warmth will help to survive the hours of waiting.

“The most important thing in such a situation is to keep your sanity. In the most extreme and hopeless case, if you are already completely freezing – yes, you even slept your car! You can buy a car, you can’t buy a life, ”says Vitaly Ryabov, a trucker with many years of experience.

While preparing for the trip, you should carefully study the route, noting cafes and settlements on the route. It should be borne in mind that at the gas station you may not even be allowed to warm up, because the staff of the gas station may not be allowed to, they risk money.

n case of emergency, put things in your trunk that you may need in an emergency: paper tape, candles, bedspreads or plastic wrap for windows, quilts, warm clothes, a sapper shovel, candles, a thermos with hot drinks.

Experienced drivers never leave the garage in winter without first taking with them fur outerwear, as well as gloves, a hat and fur shoes, and quilts. It will be useful to put on thermal underwear. You definitely need to take care of food supplies. Be sure to have a thermos with hot drinks with you. Check your first aid kit for any medications you may need in an emergency.

Friends or even neighbors. If you do not get in touch, they will be able to sound the alarm – and help will come to you faster. In the event of an emergency, first of all, call 112 – this is a single emergency number for dialing from all mobile operators and fixed telephones. Also, users of mobile networks MTS and MegaFon can dial numbers 010, 101, Beeline users – 001 and 101.

Therefore, it is imperative to take matches on the road in winter, or even better, take an alcohol lamp and candles with you. As a last resort, you can burn tires. In this case, you must be careful with an open fire and do not kindle it in the immediate vicinity of the car.

Hot drinks in case of emergency can only help to rub yourself with alcohol, this is only when it is already warm. You cannot drink in the cold, because you can lose control of the situation or fall asleep.

You can insulate the car by pasting the doorways around the perimeter with wide paper tape. Car door seals are not airtight and adhesive tape will help eliminate drafts. Curtain the windows – heat escapes through glass the fastest. This can be done with blankets, rags, or plastic wrap.

“You need to turn to others for help: wave your hands, brake the cars that pass by. In an extreme case, you can park your car across the road, then they will stop for sure, ”advises Vitaly Ryabov.

What should not be done in severe frosts and how to dress properly in cold weather, the correspondent learned from the head of the medical service of the Land Forces of Kazakhstan Alexander Lize.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vladimirovich compared Astana residents with the military, who sometimes, due to their activities, have to spend time in harsh field conditions. The Chief of Medical Service of the Ground Forces gave some practical advice that will help the townspeople protect themselves from frostbite.

“Clothes must be dry and fit your size. In severe frosts, you need to wear woolen scarves and fur mittens. You need to dress like” cabbage “so that there are layers of air between the clothes”, advises Alexander Lisa.

If you are frozen on the street, you need to go into a warm room: a store or cafe.

“You can drink hot tea or coffee. But in no case should you drink alcoholic beverages, as they reduce your feelings ( cold – author’s note ) and you may not notice how you get frostbite,” notes Alexander Vladimirovich.

He advises to constantly monitor exposed parts of the body.

In case of frostbite, it is forbidden to rub the affected area with snow. It is better to immediately go to a medical facility where you will be provided with qualified assistance,” says Lieutenant Colonel Lisa.

“In such severe frosts, Astana residents should adhere to our rules and observe safety measures. During the period of combat training, heating points are deployed at the training grounds, where servicemen can warm up, drink hot tea, get additional food. There are rooms for drying uniforms and shoes in the barracks. temperature control in all rooms of the barracks and other premises where military personnel are on duty. In each unit, emergency squads are on duty around the clock to help those in need on time. Medical workers are almost always nearby, ready to provide emergency medical assistance, ” – said Alexander Vladimirovich.

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