How to Travel as a Vegetarian_Vegan

How to Travel as a Vegetarian_Vegan

All it takes is a simple process of getting ready and following the practical advice of people who have been there (literally), who have done so and are more than happy to discover and share what they have learned with vegans, eager to discover the world, no matter what. whether it will be for two weeks in the tropics or a difficult hike along the Camino de Santiago .

Talking to other vegan travelers and their advice helped me understand that being vegan is not a limitation, it is simple .

Dale Davis
Today I would like to show you 15 easy vegan travel tips to use on your next trip so you don’t miss out on any fun foodie travel.

Make vegan easy for street vendors

This way, I can provide vendors with a replacement for the ubiquitous fish sauce they may not have on hand. Otherwise, I always carry a small chopping board and knife with me in my backpack and visit the farmers market daily.

I eat a lot more raw vegan food when I travel and it’s amazing! I will eat a fruit mountain for breakfast and a large salad for lunch a few days a week.

Research using Pinterest and Instagram

On Instagram, you can search through #hashtag (the hashtag is a word preceded by a # to make it easier to find ) on any topic that interests you. It could be #wanderlust, #glutenfree, or #cats ( if you’re as obsessed as we are ) – but for great vegan spots around the world or in our next destination, I usually try to search for #vegantravel .

You see incredible food from all over the world, not just Western Europe or North America.

The same goes for Pinterest .

For example, typing in a quick search “ vegan, restaurant, berlin ” returns over a hundred different pins that water my mouth – including this one for vegan pizza – plus it starts to itch when I return to Berlin to fill my face.

Combining the two gave me dozens of different vegan-friendly options that I didn’t find in some of the more popular vegan restaurant directories.

Two great people who gave us tons of advice before we went vegan on the road, Cody and Gisele Mindful Wanderlust is a compassionate travel-oriented couple who has been traveling and covering animal rights through activism since 2011.

The advice they gave us after meeting them in 2013 was invaluable.

Learn the most useful phrases

“When preparing for the trip; in the short or long term, we are always confident that we know how to ask important questions. Does it have egg / fat / meat in it? There are phrases on our iPad that are always very useful. We also tell people that we are allergic to eggs or butter when we order a simple vegetarian meal because we believe some people have added a serving of butter to their meals. ”

Find local vegans through online groups

“Recently, Cody and I joined vegan meeting groups on the Internet. They are great if you are interested in meeting vegans from all over the world and having great vegan dinners or meeting for drinks and / or animal activism. “

Carry vegan treats with you

We are currently in Japan with a bag full of rock pieces, chocolate and ginger just for those times when we crave something sweet. “

Explore local ingredients

Learning local phrases really helped us communicate with the locals during our trips about what we can and cannot eat, but there were times when we stood in stores and scanned labels, completely unaware of which words on the label mean milk, honey or whey protein.

One day I tried to ask someone in the little Dutchman that I dedicated to memory, what? eiwit “translated as I was sure that” th was an egg

Five minutes later, and even though the sweet lady in the store tried her best to tell me in broken English what that meant egg, I still wasn’t sure if it really meant “ protein .” In the end, we skipped the product and missed something that could be outstanding.

Before arriving in a new country, I spend some time on the internet translating the most common words I will need for my vegan journey in search of food ingredients. It does not take a lot of time.

Your best bet is to talk to a vegan who lives in the destination you are traveling to or another vegan who has also traveled around the region. Using online social groups like the aforementioned Cody and Giselle or social networking sites like Twitter Now do it incredibly fast and easy.

Typically, the first words to search for will be buttermilk , honey , lactose , gelatin , and whey

Report your location

Before booking an online hotel or hostel, I usually contact the property management or customer service team and ask how vegan-friendly they are. This usually takes a day or so due to the waiting time between my first contact and their response, so it is worth preparing at least a few days in advance.

Some hotels and hostels now provide vegan breakfast options, while others won’t do much more than an available box of soy milk – but overall, if the accommodations we book usually don’t cater to vegans, they’ll go in trouble. providing at least milk, if not more.

Some hotels and hostels now provide vegan breakfast options, while others won’t do much more than an available box of soy milk – but overall, if the accommodations we book usually don’t cater to vegans, they’ll go in trouble. providing at least milk, if not more.

Find apartments with kitchens using Airbnb

Sharing economy sites like Airbnb has changed the way we travel over the past year.

By arranging to rent a self-catering apartment or home, we have been able to serve ourselves for extended periods of time in places where there is no vegan or vegan friendly restaurant for miles – and the money we save. Cooking our own meals several times a week has impacted the cost of our next vegan meal at one of the many vegan restaurants we plan to visit next.

Another great traveler Franka and I came to enjoy reading vegan exploits is Charlie Marchant Charlie On Travel, a vegetarian travel blogger who always showcases his vegan find while on time travel and at home in South America..

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