Ideas For a Photography With a Dog

Ideas For a Photography With a Dog

A photo session with a dog is not only bright and funny photos, but also an interesting pastime. Pictures with pets come out alive and natural and will undoubtedly be a great addition to a family album. But it’s not a secret for anyone that our smaller brothers are real fidgets, and shooting is often quite difficult. In our article we will tell you about interesting ideas for a photo shoot with a dog and how to implement ideas in a fun and easy way.

Taking a photo at home is perhaps the most popular option. In a familiar environment, the animal feels calm and at ease, which only plays into the hands of the photographer. There are a lot of ideas for a photo with a dog at home. Let’s list some popular and easy-to-implement solutions.

If you want the most natural and spontaneous photographs, take a day in the life photography. Take pictures of your pet playing, sleeping, groaning food, watching TV, or sad by the window. An excellent option would be a thematic photo shoot. For example, in the style of the New Year: New Year’s garlands and tinsel, a small festive sweater, a Christmas tree and a mountain of gifts.

Especially popular is the idea of a photo shoot in the style of celebrating a pet’s birthday. Funny caps, a bone tied with a bow, balloons, etc. And if you have two dogs, large and small, using a photo you can show the difference in their sizes, differences in behavior. You can make a whole fascinating story about their relationship in photographs.

The main idea of the photo shoot at home is to convey the comfort and warmth of the relationship between a person and a dog as much as possible. A hug is the best way to talk about this. Agree, such pictures simply radiate warmth and tenderness.

What could be more exciting than fun games with your beloved pet in nature. Even an ordinary walk in the woods can turn into a real adventure. Portrait photographs against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes are especially popular. If your pet understands commands well, taking such a picture will not be a problem. If the puppy is still small, you will have to try very hard to take a photo.

So, here are the basic ideas for a photo with a large or small dog:

a walk in the woods;
fun sports games in the park;
jogging along the seashore;
a walk in the field;
water procedures;
a walk along the city streets;
winter games, etc.
There are a lot of ideas for a photo with a dog on the street, but they have one thing in common – naturalness and ease.

Naturally, during a photo shoot in the studio, you will hardly be able to take dynamic photos. However, you can easily create beautiful portrait shots. The main difficulty of a studio photo session is that a dog may feel uneasy in someone else’s environment or be afraid of a stranger. Therefore, before shooting, she needs to be given time to get acquainted. In addition, we recommend that you bring your favorite pet toys with you to the studio. Specially prepared locations and props will allow you to make original thematic photos.

A photo session of children with pets is a separate genre. The photos are incredibly touching and cute. In this case, it does not matter at all where the shooting is carried out, at home or on the street. The main rule is that you do not need to force the baby to take pictures, let the child be himself, play with his beloved pet with enthusiasm, and then you will absolutely get amazing shots.

Here are some interesting ideas for a photo with a dog:

the baby and the pet are looking out the window, sitting on the windowsill;
a child launches boats in a spring stream;
blows bubbles;
plays with autumn fallen leaves;
splashing in an inflatable pool;
reads a children’s book to a pet;
stomps in puddles in boots;
makes a snowman, etc.

Dogs are real fidgets, so if you want to take a high-quality portrait photo, you will have to try very hard. Take treats with you for this occasion and treat your pet. In no case do not swear at the kid if he does not want to obey you. If your pet doesn’t want to sit still and look into the lens, maybe it is worth coming up with another idea for a photo?

When taking pictures, you should avoid using the flash as it can scare the dog. If the lighting is not good enough, use additional sources or an external flash, which must be aimed at the ceiling.

For some reason, many people think that photographing pets is easy and simple. But anyone who has ever tried to photograph such an unpredictable creature as a cat or a dog knows that there is nothing simple about this event. Let’s check out some of the tips and tricks that the pros recommend so you can get your perfect shot.

An animal, like a sponge, absorbs the emotions of its owner: if you are stressed or worried about something, the pet feels it and becomes tense and anxious. In a stressful state, he will show you in full force his pinched ears, unhappy eyes and a “sad” tail. All of this does not fit well with a successful photo shoot, unless you are pursuing the idea of showing the viewer how bad your cat or dog is feeling. Take a deep breath, let go of your sorrows, try to rest yourself and give your pet some rest before shooting.
To get your puppy’s attention, try whining softly. You will attract him and get a curious face in the frame, which looks directly into the camera and it seems that literally now he will say: “Woof!”

Before starting a photo shoot, look around and check if all the things are in their places. Get rid of objects that might become distracting from your main subject. You shouldn’t have clothes lying on the floor or some empty plastic bottles on a green lawn – you don’t want to see all this in the pictures, do you? If an element of the interior does not serve in some way to improve your image, it should be either completely removed or moved to the desired location.

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