Packing List for a Round the World Trip

Packing List for a Round the World Trip

While many people only travel with carry-on luggage, we all feel that this is not possible if you are going on a long journey. Especially if you are going to immerse adventure in your travels.

And if you’re going to be jumping around the globe in different climates and situations, you need more than a sarong and a pair of flip flops.

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Whether you go on a trip around the world or a long hike, you’ll need a lot of different travel gear, including hiking boots, warm and cold weather travel gear, and some of the comforts of home. So here is the complete travel list that we will bring with us on the road.

Camping equipment for your packing list
Pro Tip : Pack clothes that are easy to mix and match. We use all free colors, so all items can be worn with each other. I can mix and match shirts and skirts and look like I’m wearing different clothes every day.

Travel bags

F-STOP LOKA CAMERA BAG – Dave wears a lot of camera gear and loves this bag.
SHOULDER BAG – Deb carries a bag that crosses over her shoulder to keep her safe.
CARRYON ROLLER – Deb prefers a rotating handle (4WD) for packaging electronics and cameras.

Travel organizers

The HOBO ROLL FROM GOBI GEAR is one of our favorite packaging items that we recently added to our travel gear list. Basically, it’s a bag with multiple compartments that squeeze everything.

Packing cubes. Since we tend to carry bulky items like our lightweight down jackets and fleece jackets, compression cubes are ideal for reducing bulky items.

EAGLE CREEK PACKING CUBES – We used to pack everything in ziplock freezer bags, but since then we have switched to lightweight nylon packing cubes.

The toiletry bag is an excellent set where we can pack everything in our toiletry packaging in one place. There are multiple compartments and dividers allow us to separate items and it hangs on the back of the door and everything is safe and organized.

Packaged day bag. These packable day backpacks are pocket-packed and lightweight, take up little space in your luggage, yet expand to a good size to carry enough gear for a night hike or trip.

Packing list for him and her …
It can be difficult to make a list for two people. Initially, we thought that we would only include one person, but then we realized that we pack our bags a little differently, so we decided to split things into two columns, where we pack different things, such as clothes.

Travel clothing

We are used to dressing more like tourists and a bit like homeless people. But when we mix our travels between Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and North America, we like to look smart in cities and go hiking in the jungle.

Dave’s Travel Clothes

These are versatile trousers that rarely need to be washed, they are odor-resistant and can be worn on the track or in the city.

URF SHORTS – Used for paddling, beach and walking.
Shirts with short sleeves and collar
Long Sleeve Shirt – Breathable, lightweight and great for parties or walking in the hot sun.
I mostly wear technical quick dry tees. 1 black and 3 in brighter colors such as blue and orange.
I added cotton pants to my packing list to relax in my hotel room and wear to the beach bar. They are lightweight and look great.

Deb’s Travel Clothing

(1) This versatile skirt can be changed into a dress. Light skirts take up very little space, so I take extra things with me all the time.
Sundress (2) – A small, colorful dress great for the beach, sightseeing, or walking at night.
Pants (3) – I like my pants in khaki mesh sandals because I can roll them up or wear them. They can be clothed or lowered and lightweight.
Shorts – (4) I have one pair of board shorts that I can wear if we surf, paddle, or whatever in the water, and one good pair of Bermuda shorts for walking around town or resort.
Smart Shirts – (5) I love the Royal Robbins brand for their fashion and functionality.

Travel clothes that we both pack

There are many items on our packing list that we both included, so here is a rundown of similar items that we pack in our bags.
start on a cold morning with long pants and then unzip and change into shorts. We accept two because on multi-day hikes, we would like to have changes. Warm and dry at night after a sweaty day outside.

Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt – You’d be surprised how often I go on long sleeve hikes. Thanks to modern microfibre materials, the long sleeves wick moisture away, protect from the sun and keep mosquitoes from biting. Hiking Shorts (1 each) – We only need one pair of hiking shorts because our convertible pants double as hiking shorts.

LIGHTING – We both use lightweight merino zip sweaters. You will hear this from us over and over, but layering is key when traveling.
Hiking socks – We wear merino wool hiking socks in our boots even in hot weather. They wick moisture, do not smell, and your feet are soft and comfortable. You can buy different weights for different climates.
LIGHTWEIGHT SOCKS – For when you need a pair of socks to walk around town or run. Fast drying, odor resistant and lightweight. We both love the ExOffcio lingerie line because we can pack less.

We are flip flop fans (jandal, thongs) and wear them all over the place. I can even wear them at night with a cute skirt. Getting a good pair isn’t cheap, and you can wear them and still look presentable.

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