Panoramic Studio Landscape Australian

Panoramic Studio Landscape Australian

A modern house with an unusual layout in Canada

This house project from the architectural studio Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes is amazing. Not only with interior design and panoramic glazing, but also with the construction method. Due to the ease of installation, metal columns are a demanded material in the construction of private houses in 2018. This technology is used in Canada, UK, USA, Scandinavia and Russia.

Mini-house of the future for a small family

A small house in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was designed and built by architects from BERG + KLEIN . Pay attention to the layout of this house – there are two private bedrooms, a large kitchen-living room, a basement for the garage and utility rooms.

An excellent opportunity to learn how to draw in just 3 hours, while at the same time relaxing in a cozy art atmosphere at a height of the 18th floor with a panoramic view of Moscow. Chat for coffee or tea with sweets in a great company, make new acquaintances, and get just a great mood!

Hollywood villa in Los Angeles

You’ve probably seen these villas in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Now you can look at their layout. The architects of the project from EYRC Architects have made it so that this villa will be liked by many.

WHO LEADS THE MASTER CLASS: An experienced, cheerful, creative person, a master of his craft, who will teach you the basics of working with an easel, canvas, real oil paints and brushes of professional artists

RECOGNIZE YOURSELF: Drawing in our master class, you can not just try to draw, but independently complete a picture, even without knowing how to draw!

WHAT YOU NEED: You don’t need to take anything with you, paints, canvases, easels, and we have everything you need for your creativity! The main thing is to get to the beginning of the lesson!


First, you will find tasty treats in the form of tea and treats, as well as a stunning view with a panoramic view of the historic Mosfilm and Moscow State University!
Acquaintance with creative people, colleagues – novice artists and pleasant communication in a cozy atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere, with breaks for communication, coffee breaks with snacks!
And also a photo session and a selfie with a beautiful panoramic view on our roof.
Then you will start sketching first with a pencil on your canvases of the selected picture under the guidance of our experienced artist, and then immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bright oil colors!
After the first hour of drawing, you will have a break for tea, coffee, a photo session, beautiful selfies with a beautiful view.
Then you will continue writing your picture, and upon completion we will pack it, and you can immediately take your masterpiece with you!
If you want to paint a picture on a larger canvas, you pay 1000 rubles additionally!

Australian country in country house design

In the steppe expanses of Australia, by the forces of emigrants, cattle breeding once originated, which for many decades determined the development of the country’s economy. Many architects are still looking for inspiration in the history of Australia, this house is proof of that. The professionals at Dan Gayfer Design essentially came up with a new version of the ranch.

House in France

This lakeside house was designed by architects from AUM . The house is located in the town of Thonon-les-Bains in France and has stunning panoramic views of the surrounding natural scenery. Considering the layout, please note that the second floor has a much smaller area than the first.

American home in the Idaho mountains

The amazing house, designed by the studio Olson Kundig , was built using an unusual technology – using metal supporting columns of a rather large format. That is why the project received a slightly industrial look in the interiors and exteriors.

Luxurious futuristic mansion in India

SHROFFLEoN Architectural Bureau creates innovative spectacular projects in India. So many ideas are concentrated in this house that it seems as if there is nothing typical here at all.

South African villa

Architects from the studio SAOTA designed this house in South Africa, in a very green area of Cape Town. You may be surprised to find that every site here is surrounded by a tall concrete fence. Each landscape project is, in fact, a miniature tropical world, which is clearly visible on the layout.

Argentine residence

A very unusual project was made by the architectural studio Besonias Almeida from Argentina. It is made in the Bauhaus style, but with exclusive design innovations. Thanks to the decorative concrete finish, the interiors have a loft ambience.

Greek fairy tale on Santorini island

Based on a traditional Greek villa, Kapsimalis Architects has created a stunning holiday home. It has a patio with panoramic sea views, a swimming pool, a spacious terrace and two bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Built-in set, modular sofa and modular coffee tables, kitchen and other furniture without handles on the facades, light colors, bright black accents (frames for photos and illustrations with mat, furniture in the dining room, floor lamp). The designers were able to create a trendy interior even in a small area.

The cost of repairing such a one-room apartment with an area of about 32 meters with furniture is about one and a half million rubles for Moscow. If you buy the cheapest furniture, for example, Russian-made, and do some of the work (furniture assembly, painting walls, etc.) yourself, you can keep within one million rubles. Repairs in the regions will cost the same amount. The cost includes redevelopment and a design project with prices of 500 rubles per square meter. Of course, such an apartment in the Scandinavian style can be arranged for three million rubles, but we are talking about the budget option.

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