Traveling with children_ tips from famous bloggers

Traveling with children_ tips from famous bloggers

On the eve of the holiday season, many parents again return to their long-standing fears of traveling with children and once again choose their home country instead of warm seas and beautiful cities. It’s time to end unnecessary phobias! We will dispel the most common fears about traveling with babies and try to inspire you on your first family trip. And the most famous bloggers who have long and successfully conquered the world with their children will help us in this!

Mikhail and Elena are the authors of the blog “ Traveler ‘s Diary and part-time brave parents who have been exploring Europe, Asia and even Africa for several years with their three children.

Andrey and Marina are unique yachtsmen parents who ventured to travel around the world with their two daughters, about which the family crew constantly makes video recordings in their in-flight journal Travely-Family .

Alexey and Maria first traveled and blogged Life-in-travels together, but then a baby joined them, which, however, did not stop young parents, but only gave an incentive to continue conquering the world.

Tatiana is a bright and resourceful travel mom with two children, who talks about life and family travel on her Instagram blog Bedareva_life , while her husband is busy working on the Internet.

How did you decide on your first trip with your child? And what was it like?
Mikhail and Elena: The first trips with my son were to Anapa and Turkey (he was 1 and 2 years old, respectively), but we would not call them travels. The first truly family trip was a three-month trip to Southeast Asia through Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand with two children – the son was 4 years old and the daughter was only 10 months old! And from there we got to Bulgaria through Turkey, where we stayed for a couple of months. This trip was difficult to decide because of its scale, and because of the age of the kids, and because it was a turning point in life and the beginning of blogging. After this trip, it was no longer scary to decide on any trip!

Andrey and Marina: The first trip with the eldest daughter happened when she was 3 months old – we went by car from Novosibirsk to the ski resort in Sheregesh, about 550 km. Then a road trip across Gorny Altai, the baby was already 8-9 months old. If we talk about abroad, then with the eldest daughter we flew to Thailand from the age of 6, and when the youngest was 8 months old, we went there for a long time, for 3 or 4 months. For the first time on a yacht in the ocean, we all went out together for 2 weeks, the youngest was 1.5 years old, and the oldest was almost 11 years old. These were the Canary Islands. We bypassed 5 of the 7 large islands, and flew there by plane with transfers in European cities.

Alexey and Maria: In fact, we didn’t have to decide on it – the baby was born in our Bali, that is, already on the journey! If we talk about the first trip, then it happened when he was 2.5 months old, we flew to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for several days. On the one hand, it was unusual – it was difficult to change from our traditional active way of traveling to a more relaxed one, but on the other hand, traveling with such a baby is quite simple. He sleeps a lot, doesn’t require anything special, and is easy to carry in a sling or carry in a stroller!

Tatiana: We traveled already during pregnancy. With a newborn daughter, we first tried to go on a small cruise on a ferry for a few days, and when they saw that she could handle the road perfectly – away we go! When the baby was six months old, they flew to Spain for the summer, and at 10 months – to live in Thailand for a year and travel around Asia, by the age of one and a half, my daughter already had 11 countries behind her. Then a son was born, and when he was 4 months old, we flew away to travel around Europe.

Which countries are the best to travel with children? Where would you advise not to go with little travelers at all?
Mikhail and Elena: We will advise any country where there is a sea, an acceptable climate and there are no serious problems with security, medicine or serious viruses. To begin with, these can be countries where you can quickly fly, and with the mildest climate, for example, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Spain. And then practically the whole world: Europe, Asia, America … There are not so many countries where you really should not go with children, most of them are located in Central Africa and the Middle East.

Andrey and Marina: If we talk about tourist trips, with kids it is better to go where you can get with the least number of flights and connections, where the beach is near the hotel and clean. Not going to criminal countries, nevertheless, having children increases the degree of responsibility and limits freedom. Therefore, in the Amazon Delta, some Angola and Congo are better without children. Without this, there are many other great places in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. The younger the child, the less important the cultural and historical component of the country, comfort comes to the fore. And with a large child, the choice of a country already depends on your lifestyle. Whether you are raising Indiana Jones or an art expert from him.

We have a special type of travel – we move in our house (yacht), not related to flights and hotels. Therefore, the criterion for choosing countries is this: we do not go to pirate-prone areas in order not to increase the risks (for example, they did not enter Jamaica in the Caribbean). In addition, the choice of country is influenced by visa regulations and climate. For example, it is better not to go into the wilds of Africa during the rainy season, because the chances of catching malaria increase, although if you do not go deep into the jungle, everything will go smoothly.

Alexey and Maria: Everything here is very individual and strongly depends on the travel experience and the mood of the parents. Someone is ready to fly to the other end of the world right away, while someone else’s trip to a neighboring city in the first 3 years seems dangerous. On the very first trip, it is logical to go somewhere close, without a sharp drop in temperature, to a civilized country and to the sea. From western Russia, it will most likely be Europe. My one-year-old baby and I were in Bulgaria and Montenegro – we really liked it, we spent some of the time in one place, and some – traveled by car, it turned out that it was quite comfortable with the child. Of course, Turkey is also the main children’s destination, it is cool there in terms of infrastructure, and the locals simply adore kids. Other resort destinations are also suitable – Croatia, Spain, France, Portugal. If you are not afraid of long flights,

Do not travel to troubled regions – many African countries, some regions of South America. Although if you are sure that you need to go there and that it will be comfortable with the child, then it will be so. However, such parents do not need any advice!

Tatiana: It is good everywhere, where it is not dangerous. Thailand, Maldives, Europe … Spain is generally a paradise with children. You just don’t have to go to countries where there are epidemics (like yellow fever).

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